spreading the love.jpg

Dear Families , Friends Healthcare Providers .... 


We are here to "Spreading the Love" and share a variety of Entertainment to help brighten our LOVED ONES day!


We are in the process of preparing "SPREADING THE LOVE" Variety Show Video's! Show #1 has been released!




Everyone is submitting Videos including some of our amazing Language of Love and Stroke of Luck Family!


We can provide the "SPREADING THE LOVE" Variety Show in the following formates:


  • Email thru DROPBOX / MP4 Video to play on your in-house video system, 

  • If you have internet Access  





we are here to HELP and "SPREAD THE LOVE" ! 


As always , Fell free to contact us @ renemariesimplythebest@gmail.com / rmproductions777@aol.com if you need any help or have any questions! 


Heartfelt Gratitude  - We are here for you!