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Craft World - Master Block 3D: Explore, Create, and Survive in this Pro 3D Version of the Popular Game

Craft World - Master Building Block Game 3D is a free-to-play simulation game from the Master Craft Game 3D team. This game, inspired by Minecraft, has one glaring difference: everything is unlocked and unlimited in this game. It is rendered in the same full 3D voxel world, but gives you access to all blocks, weapons, vehicles, and more.

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Like Minecraft, it also starts the same way, by generating a randomized seed world. This surprisingly takes up a small amount of storage space, starting with about 5 MB and growing depending on your project. Also, it has a lot of custom skins, mostly taken from Minecraft and other custom content around the franchise. Some skins must be bought, however, from an online store that is mostly offline.

  • Craft World: Building Games is the new builder simulator where everything is limited only by your imagination! Build various houses of more than 300 unique blocks and decorate the rooms with various decor and furniture! The game has a similar visual style to Minecraft.Release Date December 2020 (Android)

  • January 2021 (iOS)

  • December 2022 (WebGL)

DeveloperPEKA developed Craft World: Building Games.

Playing this game, users can create unique happy moments. This could be having fun survival crafting, or fighting battle monsters using iron and diamond weapons. Players can also create block worlds with huge structures. Anything is possible, but the blocks and items must be collected first.

  • World Craft game is one of the best cool survival crafting and building games with great survival sandbox modes. Furthermore, the game enjoys a large online multiplayer community who create new ideas and build amazing worlds from scratch. Why not jump into this block world in creative mode and test out your own imagination?Release DateAugust 2018 DeveloperFreezeNova developed World Craft.FeaturesMinecraft style gameplay

  • Equipable character

  • Randomly generated world

  • Various objects to mine and craft

  • Vicious monsters that come at night

  • Day and night cycle

  • Weather system

  • Save game feature

  • PlatformWeb browserControlsMove: WASD

  • Jump: space bar

  • Inventory: Q

  • Crafting: C

  • Toggle Flying: R

  • Destroy block: Left mouse button

  • Place block: right mouse button

  • Select inventory block: 1,2,3...

  • Esc: pause menu


All the apps & games here are downloaded directly from play store and for home or personal use only. If Apex Launcher apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us, We'll delete it in a short time.

MiniCraft World - The Mining Craft Game is a building game where you can build your own cities and villages, and explore the worlds generated by the blocks you place. In the process, you'll find a lot of useful resources to collect, and you'll be able to make new friends.

The game is for all ages and genders. You can choose to play in survival mode or in creative mode. In survival mode, you'll need to find the plot points and the game marks to survive. In creative mode, you can explore the infinite worlds and create your own worlds.

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Craft & Build & Destroy & SurviveLooking for the best crafting & building game in 2019? Youve finally found it! Build your own house or a whole city in one of the best city builder games ever with Mini Craft World.FEATURES:3D Sandbox free construction gameCrafting & building your own world!Endless possibilities of interior designFree to playExplore world in rpg elements gameMain Crafting and destroying everythingGather resources to surviveNo unnecessary mod or launcher - pure house building & construction experienceCreate and break apart various kinds of blocks, explore the environment, gather resources, kraft weapons, build shelter and take part in combat with dangerous opponents.Mini Craft World is a game for adults and kids, it will entertain you for a long time and earn an unforgettable experience.DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE the best building game in 2019 and have this big construction site in your pocket!

Build paradise on earth with this creative game with endless possibilities! Alter the earth, shape it how you like, and build on it! You are the artist, and this block land is a canvas for you to build your dreams on! You can choose the world type from the menu and name your new project for a start! You can find this project under the same name in the worlds menu later. There are also skin options for your character in the skins menu. Click on one skin, and watch a short ad to get permanent access to that look. You can follow the same procedure to get another five minutes of flight time. Open the inventory and switch between tabs to see your options. There are furniture, construction blocks, instruments and tools, and much more! Build your dream castle and organize the surroundings to bring your ideas to life! Do not forget to check out the language options, and customize your game!

You can become a miner, lumberjack, or craft master on your own island, in a world full of resources. There are several different islands in the game, each of them with its own resources and resources you can collect.

In the game, you can create and develop your own island. You can also explore the world and collect resources, create buildings, and create a thriving civilization. You can create a small house in which you can live, a sawmill, a workshop, and a shop.

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Craftsman is a building and crafting game in which you can create and build your own worlds. In this sandbox game, you can grow unique animals and monsters and craft your own building blocks and weapons.

It's an immediately arresting title, with intricate paper-fiber brush strokes painted in grainy hues of deep purple and smudges of light blue. In this paper-craft world, the gameplay literally unfolds before you: with a gentle swipe of the thumb, you can manipulate this game to become a 3D environment, unfolding bridges into the game world or revealing essential items hidden behind flaps in the paper.


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