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Wow Global Cooldown Hack 335 ##HOT##

  • GHT is a helping addon to hunt down players who use the famous GCD (global cooldown). The aim of this addon is to ban the GCD hack from WoW and keep it even for every player by saving the in game location and specific time a hack has been spotted on a player, to make it much easier to report to GMs with the said evidence.It analyzes the combat environment around the player and calculates every player's skills separately. As soon as a possible GCD hack player has been spotted, the addon prints it immediately on your screen and saves the occurence silently, so it can be reviewed at a later time. The spotted player can furthermore be shouted to your guild.Supported ClassesWarrior

  • Hunter (fixed in 0.3.0)

  • planned: DK (without Unholy Presence)

  • Possible MiscalculationsThe addon's calculation is based on client sided events. This means, there are several factors, that can distort the result. If someone pops up to have used two skills within 1.2 sec, there is a chance, that this value has been changed by local interferance. To keep those miscalculations to a minimum, GHT saves every event, that may have occured and lists them up under the players name. So if a player has for example 80 logs of undercutting the GCD alert value, there is a lot of evidence to proof the usage of a GCD hack.Some possible factors:Lag

  • FPS Freezes

  • Alt + tabbing

  • GCD Test Factswithout hack: 1.66 secwith hack: 1.10 secHitting the dummy without GCD hack returns an average GCD of 1.66 sec. Where the lowest GCD was 1.283 sec, but only once in those hundred hits. Since the GCD alert value is set to 1.3 by default, it would have been spotted by GHT. On the other hand, hitting dummies with GCD hack on returns an average GCD of 1.1 sec. Where all hits were about 1.07 to 1.15 sec. You really can differentiate between the 1.283 sec, that happens to be that low due to certain miscalculations and the really low 1.1 sec GCD by the GCD hack. On top of that, with GCD hack on, you will see a lot more spottings in GHT, therefore it should be easy to distinguish between real GCD hacks with miscalculations.GCD Alert ValueYou're able to set the GCD Alert Value to whatever value you want. the default is set to 1.3 sec, to keep the above mentioned miscalculations to a minimum. You can also toy around by setting it to a higher value to check the normal GCD time usage of your team mates or aroundings.Commands/ght track - enables or disables tracking

  • /ght show - shows the Gui

  • /ght gcd [number] - sets the gcd alert to [number]

FAQsDoes it lag?No. It parses the combat log only when a successful skill has been used and keeps the calculation time to a minimum. On top of that, Addons such as Recount require much more CPU usage while collecting data than GHT.

Wow Global Cooldown Hack 335


Wow Global Cooldown Hack 3.3.5DOWNLOAD: ? global cooldown hack wow 3.3.5 bffeec7b7eTudung Barang Tembam 3gpsan andreas 720p worldfree4u bollywoodBattle Realms Trainer V1 0lCard Creator download laptopdownloadAutoCADmobileapp2014crack

Auras for Class Icons, now accept spells with spell ids too. Fixed an issue with Grid style trinket icon's color, when entering into a new arena. Fixed an issue with Grid style trinket icon's color, when the unit is becomes unstealthed and it's trinket is on cooldown. Since the WoW Warlords of Draenor 6.0.2 pre-patch, GetSpellCooldown(61304) returns start = 0, duration = 0 and enabled = 1 for the global cooldown. It continues to do so as of 25 October 2014. So far, Blizzard has not made any mention of it in their hotfix log.

Fixed an issue with Grid style trinket icon's color, when entering into a new arena. Some other smaller fixes. 3.3.1. Fixed an issue with Grid style trinket icon's color, when the unit is becomes unstealthed and it's trinket is on cooldown.

Added tooltips for Buffs/Debuffs. Added cooldown model for Buffs/Debuffs. Cooldown model can be enabled/disabled/reversed on the Buffs/Debuffs tab. Buff/Debuff timers can be disabled on the Buffs/Debuffs tab. Fixed an issue which caused buff/debuff frames to overlap on each other.

There are options for report name or report AFK / throwing the game but no option to report an obvious cheater. I was in a game with a player who was speed hacking, and was forced to use the AFK option with a description to report this hacker.

Adrenaline Rush and Killing Spree are two of your main talent skills in the Combat tree and are used on cooldown when you will be in combat for the full duration of the skill. Killing Spree is always more beneficial if used in conjunction with Blade Flurry.

Tricks of the Trade is another excellent buff you will use in raid to help in various situations. You should use this on cooldown on either the top DPS player in your raid, or the main tank. Use on the main tank at the beginning of a pull to help with threat generation. If Tricks of the Trade comes off cooldown mid fight and the tank's threat is very good, use it on the top DPS player to maximize damage.

When encountering a pack with more than one enemy that will last more than just a few seconds, you will want to capitalize on your newly introduced AOE prowess. If Blade Flurry and Killing Spree are off cooldown, be ready to be the king of the raid. 350c69d7ab


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