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Download Black Desert Online and Join Over 20 Million Adventurers

However, if you want a quick answer, most online games can be played smoothly at 25 Mbps download speed. 3 Mbps is the bare minimum to play a game online, but higher Mbps usually means faster, so aim for at least 25 Mbps. And this is just for casual players.

black desert online download

Black Desert Online is a brilliant multiplayer game designed by Pearl Abyss. This game took the world by storm by introducing immaculate features.However, the players of this game might get the corrupted message saying "if it persists, please run file recovery from the launcher".Although you can fix this issue by running the Black Desert online file recovery, if the "black desert online failed to recover package file" issue occurs, you'll lose the game package, and installing the game again will become inevitable.

If you're playing the Black desert online game and want to redeem the black desert online explorers package, you'll need to press ESC in the first place. Next, tap on the "Redeem" button, and this process will launch a window to help you redeem the items you've been looking for.


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