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[S2E18] The Last Dance HOT!

A girl at school asks Elena in behalf of a guy, if she will go to the high school dance. When Elena says that she will go with her boyfriend, the girl tells her that the guy's name is Klaus. Elena and Bonnie realize that the girl is compelled and they inform Stefan and Damon about it. Alaric/Klaus is also there when Bonnie reassures them that she has enough power and can take Klaus down. Klaus returns to Alaric's apartment where Maddox (Gino Anthony Pesi) tells him that Bonnie cannot use all that power without killing herself and advises Klaus to provoke her to use that power.

[S2E18] The Last Dance

At the high school dance Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) worries about Bonnie and tries to change her mind but Bonnie tells him not to worry. Elena, Stefan and Damon also arrive and they all get inside trying to find where Klaus is, something that is not easy since they do not know how he looks like.

Emma Fraser from TV Overmind gave the episode an A rating saying that it was a spectacular week and that she was completely thrown by the emotional roller coaster that took place in the episode. "After the duplicity of last week and the declaration of full disclosure at the start of the hour, there were just as many tricks and turns that you would expect from this show."[3]

Jeremy is still concerned with Bonnie and the risks she is taking by confronting Klaus. The thought that she could die was always on his mind. Suddenly, a friend appears and tells Bonnie that a really cute boy wanted to make sure that Elena was coming to the dance and to save the last dance for him. Bonnie asks who the boy is and she tells her his name was Klaus.

Seeing Caroline and Matt enter the dance, Stefan heads over to warn Caroline while Damon takes over dancing with Elena. Feeling frustrated with the whole plan, Jeremy takes off and walks down a dark hall. Soon, he is set upon by 3 boys. They begin to attack him and before long, Stefan and Damon appear to help. Damon realizes that this was a distraction and they head out to find Elena and Bonnie.

The track played during the end credits of most Avatar episodes. It was featured in "The Firebending Masters" when Aang and Zuko go to Ran and Shaw, the last dragons.[31] Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn performed the Balinese monkey chant heard throughout most of the theme.[32]

This song was used in "The Headband", in which Aang throws a secret dance party for Fire Nation kids.[34] It is also played during "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters", in the seedy Earth Kingdom tavern where Zuko and the rest of Team Avatar find the bounty hunter June and her shirshu, Nyla, after Aang's disappearance.[9]

1. I was definitely expecting some serious yelling (and perhaps some chair-throwing) when Abby Lee came back to the dressing room after awards. Instead, she gave us the most awesome victory dance ever! Though it was only about 4 seconds long, I may have re-watched it a couple of times.

Mordecai arrives back with the snacks, and immediately sees that Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost were invited over, much to his dismay. Left with his last solid, Rigby calls Mordecai to the kitchen and whispers this particular task to him. Mordecai rejects this solid instantly because of its presumably embarrassing nature, and decides to not do this solid, ignoring Rigby's advise that he "must" do the solid. Upon declining this request of Rigby, the ground begins to rumble and the tremors increasingly become more violent. 041b061a72


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