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Twilight Graphic Novel Pdf Download ((LINK))

Reviewed by: Crumbs by Danie Stirling Danica Ronquillo Stirling, Danie Crumbs; written and illus. by Danie Stirling. Clarion, 2022 [384p] Trade ed. ISBN 9780358467793 $24.99 Paper ed. ISBN 9780358467816 $17.99 Reviewed from digital galleys R Gr. 7-10 Compared to other seers who can see into the future, Ray can only see things exactly as they are, a unique skill that might help her become the youngest Grand Council of Sorcerers member and fulfill her mother's expectations. When Ray wants to escape that pressure and her strict internship, she visits a bakery that sells goods with unusual powers that can help make dreams come true. There, she meets Laurie, a selfless barista who dreams of becoming a professional musician. As they slowly fall in love with each other, they begin a long-distance relationship only to realize chasing love and dreams can be messy. Ray is conflicted about being part of the Council if it means losing Laurie, and they both try to make things work only to lose sight of what they want for themselves and for each other. Stirling's WEBTOON makes the transition to print easily, with whimsical elements to visualize communication through enchanted mobile devices and a structure that creates lively movement peeking out of the panels. The warm and twilight color palettes of this graphic novel, along with transparent thought bubbles, effectively reflect Ray and Laurie overcoming their feelings of isolation and inadequacy. The diverse cast adds to the worldbuilding, but this is rightly focused on Ray and Laurie, offering a compassionate look at the couple's burnout and its contributing factors, particularly their tendency to feel responsible for everyone else's feelings and neglect their own. Ultimately, though, this is a sweet love story, and readers will want to get cozy and grab a hot tea to go with this delicious slice of romance as the two leads find their way to each other.

twilight graphic novel pdf download



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